About Us
Established in 1987

Early, it mainly focused on the design, development and manufacture of plastic molds. In various customized requirements, it developed and made progress with customers. In response to the changes of the technology industry, it continued to improve equipment and high-quality control, and it was renamed  "LongHao Optical Technology Co., Ltd."   in 2011. In 2015, LongHao expanded its territory as an agent of domestic and foreign optical measuring instruments and expanded 3D system integrated application services. At present, the head office is in Kaohsiung, and LongHao has service teams in Taoyuan and Taichung.

Core Technologies

Hard and brittle materials
Surface grinding and polishing : Mask blanks/Quartz glass/Glass wafer/Ceramet
Deep hole processing : MENS/Electroform mold/Dummy wafer/Ceramics/ Silicon Carbon/Sapphire/AlN/Silicon nitride

3D measurement
Handheld3D laser scanner
Computer Aided Verification
Reverse Engineering

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LongHao acts as agent of these brands such as ZG Technology, ScanTech, and UNICII. The product range includes handheld 3D laser scanner, vertical 3D laser scanner, 3D printers, precision measurement, etc. LongHao provides complete resources and professional technical services for industry, including reverse engineering, industrial inspection and analysis, product design and manufacturing, and industrial 3D printing services, etc.